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Hand-eye Calibration Method of Articulated Arm and Linear Structured Light 3D Camera Based on the Plane

Dayong Tai*, Zhixiong Wu, Ying Yang, Cunwei Lu

Fukuoka institute of Technology, Fukuoka, 811-0295, Japan.

*Corresponding author: Dayong Tai

Published: 28 November 2022 How to cite this paper


The articulated arm is widely used in the 3D measurement areas. It can bring non-contract and tactile measurement by fixing the linear structured light 3D camera at the end of the articulated arm. However, the traditional hand-eye calibration methods are complexed and not suitable for the system combined the articulated arm with linear structured light 3D camera. In order to solve the hand-eye calibration problem, we use a fixed calibrated plane as calibration object to find the relationship between the linear structured light 3D camera and the coordinate system of the articulated arm, that is, the rotation  and the translation matrix . In this approach, by using the contact measurement function of the measuring arm, the 3D coordinates of points on the fixed calibration plane are measured to obtain the fixed calibration plane equation under the basic coordinates of the measuring arm, and the parameters of the equation are taken as the true values of the fixed calibration plane. Then the linear structured light 3D camera projects linear fringes to different areas of the fixed calibration plane from different angles such as front and sides, and takes pictures of the fringes with 2D cameras to calculate the 3D space coordinates of each point on the fringes. The space position  and attitude  are solved by using the constraints of these 3D space coordinates in the plane equation. By using the proposed calibration method, the accuracy of 0.05mm is obtained in measuring standard diameter metal spheres, and the experimental results verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.

KEYWORDS: Articulated arm, linear structured light 3D camera, fixed calibration plane, 3D image


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How to cite this paper

Dayong Tai, Zhixiong Wu, Ying Yang, Cunwei Lu. Hand-eye Calibration Method of Articulated Arm and Linear Structured Light 3D Camera Based on the Plane. OA Journal of Engineering & Technology, 2022, 1(2), 33-44.

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